Banjo Bickering’s

Well, yesterday I bought my first musical instrument, a banjo! This was inspired after I was given the chance by a man in Augsburg named Andy to play his banjo which was his “baby”, of course this was only after I sang a song for him while he played a tune on his banjo with my friends and I laughing the whole time. As he reminded us of his name and his state of being “tipsy” over and over again, he reminded me of the ways in which music brings people together, no matter the culture. So yesterday when I made my first purchase and my brother Nick bought a set of harmonica’s I accepted the challenge; not one of mastering the banjo, or always being tipsy, but of bringing people together no matter their culture or situation, by expressing ourselves through music whether it is played live or on a phone… so as I struggle to get a chord going, don’t worry about me, I’m just Matty B, but I ain’t Tipsy, I’m Happy (:

-Matt Best

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