How will you change yourself?

Everyday you are given 1000’s of opportunities to make choices. A few months ago I started making great choices everyday. That all changed about a month ago when I went to Germany, I began to ignore the one fact that shadowed over me like a big dark cloud; I was still on anti-depressants and whether I wanted to acknowledge that fact or not it was still a fact. Since my entire environment changed I thought it was okay to ignore this fact since I did not see the instant change that this would cause to my everyday life. This led me down the wrong/ a dark path of continuous poor choices. Ultimately what led me back here, but that also is my driving change. I plan on changing the way I treat my body, like not giving it the sleep it so desperately, but also choosing to live my life in moderation; Just like my Dad would have wanted me to!

-Matt Best

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