Patience as a virtue

Wow! Discharge day; what a great day to be alive! At first you would crush yourself, by convincing yourself that you were discharging the next day. Well each morning, sadness ensued when you realized that the only one expecting or planning on discharging that day was you! It wasn’t until my Persian friend asked me, “What’s one more day?” I took that question to heart, and answered nothing, but this nothing was not easily achieved. If you would have asked me on my first day at the impatient facility I would have said that one more day was everything in the world since I felt so lonely there at first, but in reality the only thing that my world revolves around is surviving, and once I realized that, one more day became, well, one more day. This comfortableness was achieved through slowly making peace with myself then making peace with the workers and patients I was spending my time in the facility with. This allowed me to create a support network in one of my darkest places I have ever been, because if you can light a match in a cold dark cave, well you can light one anywhere, even flying down the highway with the windows down! So I decided to take a step back and go with the flow, of which the pace was set by those professionals around me; four days later and here we are, I feel amazing, I feel like a new man!

-Matt Best

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