The Silver Lining

At first, God damn was I angry. I was back in the last place in the world I wanted to be; Columbus, Ohio. I was supposed to be in Europe, but instead I was at home checking into an impatient facility in Columbus, Ohio. But it isn’t that simple, my life was saved by those who love me when they brought me back from my trip and helped me receive treatment for my manic state that I was in, little did I know how much my medicine was negatively effecting me, but that was mostly my fault due to my lack of care given to my mental & physical health. Instead this trip home allowed me to grow into a flower full of various fruit; unlike any flower ever seen before. This flower is beautiful, because it was allowed to prosper and cultivate into what it is today. At first when I tried to rush out of the care that was being given to me, I got nothing in return. Now I have a field of flowers, which I can pick and choose from as I wish; What a gift!

-Matt Best

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