Will he/she/me ever get better or back to normal again?

First and foremost I am no professional on mental health let alone anything at all; I am a viscous advocate though for the research development & discussion of mental health as a disease and illness that plagues our society, where I am working towards destigmatizing the word which currently diminishes the crushing blow that it currently serves to families all over the world daily. So when you ask that question that almost anyone who has come across any type of illness asks’ If they will ever be okay again; I say from my experience that without professional help it is like taking multiple jigsaw puzzles, mixing them together and assuming that it will just create a giant puzzle when you put them together, but that is not possible without the help of a professional. So reach out, get help (1-800-273-8255 Suicide Prevention hotline, you are not alone); my hope is that through the things I learn everyday, I am never the same as when I woke up that day, but always the same me! So help yourself or your loved ones in getting help, not so they are “normal” again, but are able to grow each day again like the beautiful flower they once were, but always the flower they always will be!

-Matt Best

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