Company Mission

Shed Some Light is a social enterprise that has one mission, to shed some light on the prevalence of mental health and depression in today’s world. Started by Nick Best, an Ohio State student with a passion for mental health research and helping to make a change, Shed Some Light produces and sells candles, with proceeds that support both the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and the Brain and Behavioral Research Foundation. So not only are buyers receiving a unique, handmade candle, but they are helping make a difference.

Nick Best founded Shed Some Light in February of 2019 because of his own first-hand experience with mental health. Nick’s father tragically took his own life in December of 2018. Guided by the strength of his family and friends, he is continuing his studies in Finance at Ohio State this semester and finding new ways to cope with his loss, one of which being Shed Some Light. The business combines his favorite interests of helping others, drinking beer, and starting and running business.

Joining Nick are friends, Rob Ordoñez and Jack Straniero. Rob is a 3rd year student at Ohio State, majoring in Logistics Management. His involvement stems from constantly seeing and hearing people undervalue and ignore the state of their mental health. “Mental health is no joke,” Rob says, “and Shed Some Light is going to raise awareness of that.”

Likewise, Jack Straniero feels there is too much of a stigma surrounding mental health in today’s world, and most specifically on college campuses. Like Nick, Jack’s father took his own life in December of 2009. His own history with depression and experience climbing back from tragedy is why he feels he needs to make a difference, and to be there for Nick as he perseveres through life after tragedy.

Along with sharing a passion for making a difference in terms of mental health, these boys hold a shared appreciation for a good candle. Whether it’s the smell flooding a room or the aesthetic of a flame peeking out of the brim of a cut beer bottle, these boys love good candles, and they are here to provide YOU with a one-of-a-kind candle. Going all the way from finding and cleaning beer bottles, to heating and cutting the glass, to pouring the scented wax, Shed Some Light is a business where you are receiving a product entirely made its partners.

Shed Some Light products are one of a kind, with an equally unique purpose. We hope you can join us on this journey of shedding some light on the prevalence of mental health and depression in today’s world.