Who We Are

Comprised of more than 10 students at three different universities in Ohio, the Shed Some Light team is looking to spread mental health awareness to as many students as possible. Between three different branches, Shed Some Light OSU (The Ohio State University) , Shed Some Light UD (University of Dayton), and Shed Some Light UC (University of Cincinnati), Shed Some Light is working together as a team to destigmatize mental health. 

Shed Some Light OSU

Nick Best, Founder and CEO

Nick Best is a third year Finance Student at The Ohio State University and is a lover of all things, from nature and philosophy to video games and watching documentaries. With an addictive personality, Nick may find himself spending weeks at a time doing activities like rock climbing or bowling, but one thing you can always count on with Nick Best is finding time to crush beers with his friends, just like his dad, Dan.

Dan Best, father to Nick and two brothers and loving husband to Lisa Best, took his own life in December of 2018. Through a strong support system of his family and friends, Nick has been coping with loss tremendously well, and making his father proud. Through his entrepreneurial spirit that he’s had since Junior High, one way Nick is grieving his loss is making a difference through Shed Some Light.

“After my father took his life, I felt like Simba following the stampede in The Lion King. The issues that cause mental illness are like the hyenas and suicide is Scar. Shed Some Light has become my Hakuna Matata…”

Jack Straniero, CMO

Jack is a second year student at The Ohio State University studying Marketing and Logistics with a track to go into sales. From University Heights, Ohio, Jack is a die-hard Cleveland sports fan and is looking forward to the day Baker Mayfield brings a Lombardi trophy to the city of Cleveland. Among other passions of cooking, music, and golfing, Jack is major proponent of mental health and reducing the stigma that surrounds it.

Almost ten years ago, Jack’s father, John Straniero, took his own life and since then, Jack has made it his mission to try and bring light and happiness into the world though making positive relationships and community service efforts.

“Maintaining a positive attitude through hard times, while easier said than done, is something that’s made a huge difference in my life,” Jack says, “and NEVER be afraid to reach out to the ones you love for help when you need it.”

Rob Ordoñez, COO

Rob is a third year student at The Ohio State University studying Logistics Management and Philosophy with an interest in sustainable logistics. From Millburn, New Jersey, Rob loves playing guitar, surfing, and listening to music. He has found that wellness to him means enjoying a good book or one of his favorite albums by the ocean while soaking up the sun and relaxing.

Rob’s involvement with mental health stems from seeing his best friends and relatives struggle with depression and anxiety. Along with this, Rob and Nick Best have been close friends since their first years at Ohio State, and Rob has decided that since Dan Best’s death, he has even more of a reason to be more active in promoting mental health. Through Shed Some Light, he is determined to spread awareness for mental health and make depression and anxiety less commonplace in the world.